“Bacon Bits”


Overly eager to work in space, Don leaves Earth and his friends to work as a tech aboard a corporate space station, but is quickly demoted to a space junk collector.


It’s 2075 and the impulsive young Eliptacom recruit, Don Grover, is working a maintenance job in space! He’s stuck light years away from home, building his skill set (and reputation) on the poorly managed Solar Beacon space station run by Eliptacom. The Solar Beacon is an overhauled junker of a solar energy collector and also his new home; the quarters are cramped and dingy and his roomies are grease balls.

Follow his adventures as he adjusts to life in space and tries to earn money for the expensive trip back to Earth. Join Don and his friends… the Decktechs!


The Decktechs pilot episode was fully realized through previsualization before going into production. Rough animation was cut to voice tracks featuring the actors, CG sets were constructed and extensive collaboration took place to figure out camera angles, blocking, lighting and screen direction.

Using these methods along with traditional storyboards allowed us to make critical decisions sooner, saving time and money in production and post.  In essence, we constructed the entire pilot virtually.  This permitted us to efficiently work with scenes and gave us foresight to make any necessary adjustments.