STEPHEN WITHERSCo-Creator, Co-Writer, VFX Supervisor

Stephen Withers is a visual effects artist, writer, director & musician from New Haven, Connecticut, with an M.F.A.  in Visual Effects from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He is most happy managing large projects of his own creation, doing a wide variety of work including filming, building digital sets, 3D dynamics work and compositing.

Since 2003, Withers has worked on ambitious, visual effects heavy projects.  His first major film project was a thirty minute action comedy movie entitled The Eclipse of Fear; it required him to manage over three hundred blue screen composites.

In 2007, Withers served as an instructor in Beijing, China at the Institute of Digital Design.  This experience allowed him the opportunity to teach Chinese students visual effects, editing skills & photography.

Withers has also worked in animation for WET Design in Burbank, California & created motion graphics elements for The Federal Judicial Television Network in Washington, D.C.

Today, Withers is an integral partner for Kendall Pictures where he helps create commercials, films & television content.  He created DECKTECHS & brought Kendall Pictures on board to produce the pilot.