DON and ALBERT’s cockpit scene has a couple set ups..

Here’s a sneak peek of ANA‘s original comic book that will be used in Decktechs TV Pilot episode.

Sequential artist, Jeremy Nguyen

Title: Erikah Snow

Hey everyone, Steve here! I’d like to shed some light on the process that takes place when designing something like The ‘Flea’ Interplanetary Freighter for Decktechs.

When you have final creative say over your own project, the design process can sometimes be truncated. It’s easy to think of something in your head and just start building it immediately, disposing of the normal steps of creating dozens or hundreds of thumbnails, refining, going back, refining again, etc.

When working for myself, I normally take something and run with it, but there are a few tricks I’ve learned that help make the process efficient and fun. Read on!