Articles 24 August 2010,

The Director’s Perspective – Casting
David Kendall

When I first read the script for Decktechs, I was blown away by the richness of all of its characters. To be able to co-direct and help revise drafts of Decktechs is an opportunity to fully realize the depth of these fictional beings. However, writing and directing are only a part of how these characters will be brought to life. The other component that has to be added to the equation is actors. Great characters deserve to be manifested by actors who can truly step into an alternate world and become someone else. So, when it came time to cast the characters, we wanted to make sure we were putting talented and experienced actors into these roles.

Articles 18 August 2010,

Written by Stephen Withers

These days, it is hard to keep track of what writer/director/actor Samuli Torssonen is up to. My last memory is seeing a behind the scenes sneek peak of his upcoming film, in which a large crew was assembled on a soundstage – a “real” soundstage – in front of a massive blue screen, with lights, cameras and dollies. This is clearly a guy who has made it.

In recent years, filmmaking has become accessible to virtually anyone as professional productions and amateur productions are increasingly distinguished only by the skill of their creators, and not the equipment or financing necessary. Propelling this, along with desktop software and inexpensive equipment, is the accessibility of visual effects – it is possible for anyone to download learning editions of professional software and simply learn it themselves, the quality of output only limited by the amount of time the person is willing to spend learning and creating. Conceivably, an artistically inclined person can create a feature film with stunning visuals for virtually nothing, if they had enough time to spend.